Space Organizing

Our goal is to ensure that your home is organized, totally free of clutter and pleasing to the eye – a place you can truly relax in and enjoy. Learn More!

Document Sorting and Organizing

Sorting documents is one aspect of life that most people have not gotten a hang off and leaving them to chance has caused some terrible mishaps. Learn More!

Wardrobe Organizing

We declutter, organize your clothes according to use and category and label your items for easy identification. Learn More!

Workflow Processes

Our model also examines each role to determine the suitability of individuals for the roles in which they are placed, taking cognizance of personality types and core competencies. Learn More!

Project Management

We have an established internal template whereby projects are broken down into sub-projects and further into smaller tasks, assigning clear performance indicators and deadlines which can then be monitored into completion. Learn More!

Home Schedules & Budgeting

We have an organizing solution for financial record keeping that ensures you finances are in a healthy condition. Learn More !


The client contacts PineTree Organizers to request their organizing services.

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From our Scan visit findings, PineTree prepares a service document. This document is sent to the client to go through and approve.

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The organizing project commences as stated on the service document and is carried out to meet the client's needs.

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